Why Landscape

“Landscaping improvement projects have a recovery value of 100-200% if it is well done and harmonizes with the nearby surrounding.”

-Money Magazine

Why is landscaping important?  Simple.  Curb appeal…and that makes economic sense.

If you’re trying to fill a strip mall or office building with tenants in this slumping market, improving the landscaping can increase curb appeal as well as improve your property’s perceived value to tenants, their customers, and potential buyers.  The same is true for home value in residential markets.

  • Landscaping can increase the resale value of a property by as much as 14%
  • Attractive landscaping makes a difference in acquiring and retaining tenants in both retail mall and office environments
  • One of the best investments any property or homeowner can make is to hire a qualified landscape professional who can add just the right touches.
  • Landscaping dramatically improves what realtors call “curb appeal” leading to speedier rentals, better customer traffic and improved value for commercial and residential properties alike
  • No matter the size or configuration of the property, good landscaping requires the grass is mowed and shrubbery trimmed on a regular basis, irrigated so it’s all lush and green, the edges trimmed around all brick and cement borders.
  • Where appropriate, architectural details like retaining walls and masonry planting beds

An EnviroWorks professional is expert in knowing how to design, install and maintain landscapes in first-rate fashion.  Leave it to us to address and solve your landscaping needs in all the ways that fulfill our promise. Care. Commitment. Complete satisfaction.