Commercial Services

EnviroWorks commercial landscape design and services can do a lot more than you might think. It’s not just mow and blow.  We can help you plan and install a workplace frontage or campus that is both within budget and inviting.

  • We provide monthly or seasonal maintenance services for weeding, mowing, trimming, pruning, and plant replacement.
  • We proactively see what needs to be done so your business looks its best.
  • We can design and install native, site appropriate plantings, water gardens, and hardscapes

Attractive landscaping gives current and prospective customers and tenants a good impression. Numerous real estate research studies show that a well-maintained landscape is pleasing to look at, improves worker productivity, and attracts new clients.

Investing in attractive landscaping can also be an opportunity to reflect ecological values to your clients, by using native plants, water features, and sustainable techniques and materials.  Let EnviroWorks design, install and maintain an eco-friendly environment.  You can let your clients know you are doing your part, by highlighting your earth-friendly practices.